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Producing Unicode characters

This tutorial focuses on the creation of a key that sends a Unicode character instead of keystrokes. NOTE: This tutorial has been updated to include information about the new Unicode support in version 3.2.

The following procedure will be demonstrated:

  • Sending Unicode

To begin, start the MountFocus Keyboard Designer and select File | New. This will open a new keyboard file. The property editor will show the properties of the new keyboard.

Place a key on the keyboard and open the Keystrokes editor.

You will need to know the Unicode for the character you want to be typed. For this example, let's use the Greek character, uppercase "Delta."

The Unicode for this character is 0394. Type $0394 in the code field, right click on it and drag it to the word Keystrokes in the keystrokes view.

unicode delta

Click on OK.

Now we need to put a Label on. Open the Caption editor and place a label on the key. If you don't have a Greek keyboard, don't worry, you should still be able to produce a Greek character.

Open the Font dialog and choose Arial for the font and scroll down in the Script box until you find Greek and choose that. Change the font size to 14 and click OK.

In the Text field type &$0394; . The Greek capital Delta, should appear. (If you are using an earlier version (3.01 or earlier), the property editor cannot display Unicode characters.) Click on OK in the Caption editor.

You should now have a key that looks like this:

unicode delta label

You can test your key in a word processing program to see which character is produced.

Special notes: Unicode characters are unique, so upper and lowercase of the same letter will have different codes. For example, the Greek uppercase Delta Unicode is 0394, but the lowercase Delta is 03B4. One key cannot share the same letter in uppercase and lowercase, but you can get around this limitation by having a keyboard with 2 pages, one for uppercase and one for lowercase.

If you would like to download the keyboard file that was created in this tutorial, click here.

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