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Minimize a keyboard

This tutorial focuses on the step by step creation of a dynamic keyboard containing a page control with two pages and regions. The first page contains alphabetical keys and a minimize key and the second page, a single key used to maximize the keyboard. The keyboard will also appear to change in size.

The following procedures will be demonstrated:

  • Using region objects
  • Hiding and showing region objects at design time
  • Combining regions to make a non-rectangular "hole"

To begin, start the MountFocus Keyboard Designer and select File | New. This will open a new keyboard file. The property editor will show the properties of the new keyboard.

Click on the Page Control tool and place a page control on the keyboard surface in the upper left corner. The default size for a page control is 100 x 100. This is too small for our purposes, so let's change the size to 150 x 470.

Place two pages on the page control by clicking on the Create new page tool icon. Name the first page Alpha and the second page Max.

Place 26 keys in 3 rows to look like this:

min alpha

Place one final key in the lower right corner and place a label on it that reads "Min."

Change the SelectPage property to Max and open the Max page.

Now place a key in the same location as the Min key on the first page and place a label on it that reads "Max" and change the SelectPage property to Alpha.

If you'd like to test your keyboard, try it now.

Notice that when you click on the Min key, the keyboard changes pages, but the visible keyboard size stays the same.

To make the keyboard appear to actually minimize, we need to place two region objects on the Max page.

Click on the region tool and draw a rectangle from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, making sure you don't cover up the Max key.

min max reg1

Now place another region above the Max key covering the area above the Max key.

Run your keyboard again and watch the effect this has on your keyboard.

If you would like to download the keyboard file that was created in this tutorial, click here.

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