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Minimize a keyboard using a timer and scripting Read It
Minimizing a keyboard after a certain length of time with no keyboard input is very simple using a script procedure.

Simulate a CTRL-BREAK key Read It
This article explains how to assign keystrokes to simulate CTRL-BREAK used by some applications.

Showing the state of the "...Lock" keys Read It
This tutorial focuses on the creation of keys that monitor and show the state of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.

Producing Unicode characters Read It
This tutorial focuses on the creation of a key that sends a Unicode character instead of keystrokes. NOTE: This tutorial has been updated to include information about the new Unicode support in version 3.2.

Minimize a keyboard Read It
This tutorial focuses on the step by step creation of a dynamic keyboard containing a page control with two pages and regions. The first page contains alphabetical keys and a minimize key and the second page, a single key used to maximize the keyboard. The keyboard will also appear to change in size.

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